The Educational Gallery is a wonderful learning tool and resource for those seeking advancement in this specialty artform. There are four (4) areas associated to learning: Photos, Case-Studies, Videos, and Publications. The Photo section is the one likely to be the most beneficial.

Visitors and students should spend time on each photo, so that a full appreciation can be obtained, as to the placement of lights and to why lights were applied where they were. Questions should be asked, and notes might be taken for this learning.

Landscape lighting designers should take full advantage of the Design Critique Studies category listed under the Case-Studies page, as it provides a dissected breakdown of several ELLI Award-winning photos.

1. Photos

This section includes the photographic work of those lighting designers selected for the skills that meet the expectations and principles established by ELLI. Within this framework, there are two (2) main categories and two (2) associated categories. It should be noted that the ELLI Awards program identifies only the lighting designers featured in the main categories: