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Lighting Design Awareness book:

By Mark A. Carlson (2022)

The lighting industry has been enamored by technology and it has left the lighting design community behind. This book is part of a three-book series that re-positions ‘design’ back to the forefront of what is most important to the landscape lighting design profession. There are two important aspects in this discipline—Awareness and Composition. This book teaches the principles of composition, as well as identifies the common flaws found in our practice today. This study is a new approach to properly understanding this artform. If you are serious about a career in lighting design, this book and the series is a must have.

Available in hardback ($59.90)

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Original Garden Lighting Book:

By Mark A. Carlson & Michael A. Gambino (2013)

This book serves to preserve the original writings of Frank B. Nightingale from his book, “Garden Lighting” (1958). It includes all writings, sketches, and some of the original photos from this work. Together, Michael Gambino and I made the decision to recover this history of Mr. Nightingale because he is considered the ‘father of garden lighting.’ In addition, we have included our insights to show the relevance of Nightingale’s work. Our efforts to reproduce his book are due to our passion of this artform and discipline. This is a great alternative to trying to find the original book because very few are available today.

Available in hardback ($65.00), and softback ($50.00)

My Personal Library

I want to use this category to feature the books that I recommend.

Garden Lighting

By Frank B. Nightingale (1958)

The first of three books written by Mr. Nightingale, the “father of garden lighting”. Frank founded this specialized profession and artform in 1933 when he formed his lighting company, Kim Manufacturing. This book serves as the original Bible of this practice. It is somewhat hard to find in print, but myself and Michael Gambino re-published this effort, to include our commentary under the name, “The Original Garden Lighting Book” (2013), so that this information is not lost.

Light as an Art

By Frank B. Nightingale (1962)

The second of three books written by Mr. Nightingale. This book concentrated on the art of outdoor event lighting, such as parties, weddings, and the like. He discusses the various techniques used, and how best to apply light. Once again, this is a difficult book to find in publication.

Learning to See—A Matter of Light

By Howard M. Brandston (2008)

Mr. Brandston is one of the most recognized lighting designers alive today. Although he primarily works within the field of architecture, he began his learning in the theatrical lighting realm. This book is a wealth of knowledge, as it discusses vision, emotion, and how to think beyond a ‘standard’.

A Method of Lighting the Stage

By Stanley McCandless (1932/’39/’47/’58)

Mr. McCandless is yet another legend in the lighting community, as he was instrumental in the early lighting design works in theater lighting. An interesting fact is that Mr. Brandston studied under Stanley. This book provides excellent insight to lighting design as it applies to mood and provoking emotion. It discusses the types of lighting used by application, as well as the various effects.

The Landscape Lighting Design Book

By Janet Lennox-Moyer (1992/’05)

Ms. Moyer has established her place in landscape lighting history as she was the first to truly better define the technicalities involved with the profession. Janet is internationally recognized, and this book is considered the Bible of landscape lighting design, due to its technical information. It discusses much detail, as a college course might, about design, materials & products, installation, and maintenance. She also has a 3rd. edition of this book, as well as another excellent photographic book of her projects.

Lighting by Design

By Sally Storey (2002)

Ms. Storey is internationally recognized as a lighting designer. Her background is as an architect. This book discusses the nature of light, mood, and creating outdoor drama. It also is one of my favorite books for photographic imagery on this subject—much can be learned in the photos themselves.

The Art of Outdoor Lighting

By Randall Whitehead (2001)

Mr. Whitehead is an internationally known speaker, author, and consultant in lighting design. Randall wrote this book to focus on the outdoor aspects relating to lighting design, which features several other lighting designers. There are plenty of good photos to gain insights from.

With People in Mind

By Rachel Kaplan, Stephen Kaplan, and Robert Ryan (1998)

Both Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan are professors in psychology, and Mr. Ryan is a landscape architect. Together, they focus their attention on how the human mind perceives nature and the design of landscaped settings in decision-making processes. This is an excellent source, as it can apply to the lighting design profession, too.

Healing Gardens

By Clare Cooper-Marcus and Marni Barnes (1999)

Both Ms. Cooper-Marcus and Ms. Barnes are involved with landscape architecture, whether as a professor or landscape architect. Together, they worked with several other professionals to write this book. It is a comprehensive look at the therapeutic effects of designed garden spaces. The content looks at the history of healing gardens, as well as specific design implementations. This book is more of a college type format.


By Aaron Bethune (2013)

Although this book was written to the music industry/musicians, it served me well for insights into branding, social media, and PR. In other words, every business must better understand people and the importance of these things. This book would likely fall more under a business category. The reason this is good, is because it teaches us that we can learn from other professions outside of our own. In addition, I’m a drummer on the side!