Mission Statement

To act as the leading Educational Resource for the Understanding, Learning, and Advancement in both, Landscape Lighting Design and Affective Lighting Design.

  • Landscape Lighting Design--is the lighting design associated with landscape and garden spaces. It normally applies to exterior spaces but can include atria and interior garden spaces.
  • Affective Lighting Design--is the lighting design of spaces (in this case, landscapes and gardens) that stimulate an emotional response. In other words, the lighting design provides an "experience" of feeling. In most cases, this experience is a positive, psychological response.

Note: this is a new concept in landscape lighting design. ELLI is the first to establish this and to explore it so that advancements in lighting design can be made.

To serve the landscape lighting design practitioner and professional by providing established Measures in the betterment of this specialty artform.

ELLI Goals

  • ‘Raising-the-bar’ for service providers through the establishment of guides, standards, and practices.
  • Defining expectations and providing higher measures in performance.
  • Raising awareness of ELLI throughout the industry and professions.
  • Establishment of advanced learning opportunities and services.
  • Industry and professional acceptance of ELLI measures, guides, and standards.
  • Identifiable and distinct differences between an ELLI professional versus the common, trade service provider.
  • Acceptance of ‘Affect’ as part of the landscape lighting profession.
  • Proving the positive, human health benefits associated between light and nature.
  • Successful recognition and acceptance of the ELLI advanced training program by the industry leaders it has produced.

ELLI Dedications

There are three things that the ELLI initiative is dedicated to; 1) in honor of Frank B. Nightingale, the “father of garden lighting (founder of this discipline—1885-1965), 2) the future generation of landscape lighting designers, and 3) the advancement of human health, as associated with Light and Nature.


Photo by Ulf Pedersen, 2018

Donations are just that — what one might offer, as a gift to aid in this effort. I would kindly ask for any support if you find this site 'valuable' in your learning endeavors. This undertaking is at my own expense. Every donation is greatly appreciated and every dollar is applied to the development and maintenance of this domain.

ELLI donors are comprised of anyone who wishes to contribute to this cause--tradespeople, consumers, artists, designers, and business professionals. Donations do help and they allow for faster growth. It is my goal to convert this domain into a non-profit status, where true growth and advancement can occur.

ELLI has no direct relationship with any lighting manufacturer or other business related to this work. It only serves in the best interest of the Art of Lighting Design and the Human Health industry, which benefits from it.

Partnering Sponsors

This level of commitment is Not yet established and will likely take place at the time of conversion over to the Non-Profit status.