Mission Statement

“To Educate and Separate.” The focus of ELLI is to advance lighting design and to be the leading educational resource for landscape lighting. ELLI will act as an authority for this purpose.

How ELLI intends to Educate and Separate:
  • Customized training packages
  • On-site personal training
  • On-line personal & group training
  • Books, documents, and videos
  • Excellent photographic works
  • By defining the practice and artform
  • By establishing parameters & measures
  • By understanding what ‘good’ design is
  • By peer recognition
  • By developing advanced landscape lighting designers


To serve the landscape lighting practitioner and professional by providing them with the tools, measures, and educational offerings that will ensure advancement and success.

Landscape lighting is a visual form of art—it should be treated as such. The value of ELLI is that it offers a path to successful awareness in this practice. ELLI provides the opportunity to advance faster and farther than any other landscape lighting design program. The reason for this advancement is because it includes the effects of light and nature, psychologically and physiologically upon humans. ELLI also studies human perspective, emotion, and well-being. Each of these aspects are not normally covered by other programs.

The ELLI educational offering is different, unique, and assertive in how one can truly get ahead in this craft. This program is for those who want to make an investment in their personal growth, as well as their business.

What is ELLI?

ELLI is not a club, rather it is an education-driven resource and experience. There are no membership fees.

ELLI is a ‘for-profit’ organization that will eventually become a ‘not-for-profit’ entity once it is fully developed. All educational offerings cost money (they are monetized), so that those using them can help pay for these developments. It follows a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, so that the organization can continue to operate.

ELLI Goals

  • ‘Raising-the-bar’ for service providers through the establishment of guides, standards, and practices.
  • Defining expectations and providing higher measures in performance.
  • Raising awareness of ELLI throughout the industry and professions.
  • Establishment of advanced learning opportunities and services.
  • Industry and professional acceptance of ELLI measures, guides, and standards.
  • Identifiable and distinct differences between an ELLI professional versus the common, trade service provider.
  • Acceptance of ‘Affect’ as part of the landscape lighting profession.
  • Proving the positive, human health benefits associated between light and nature.
  • Successful recognition and acceptance of the ELLI advanced training program by the industry leaders it has produced.

ELLI Dedications

There are three things that the ELLI initiative is dedicated to; 1) in honor of Frank B. Nightingale, the “father of garden lighting (founder of this discipline—1885-1965), 2) the future generation of landscape lighting designers, and 3) the advancement of human health, as associated with Light and Nature.


Photo by Ulf Pedersen, 2018

ELLI intends to function as an independent entity without favoritism to any organization or individual. Therefore, one’s ‘return-on-investment’ is associated to the belief in this cause, as it relates to the betterment of this profession and artform, and in human health.

ELLI will gratefully accept all financial contributions from those that wish to support the advancement of landscape lighting. ELLI encourages corporations and manufacturers who value this form of buy-in, so that they may “give back” to the community and future of this industry. ELLI would like its partners to consider this effort much like religion—something you honestly believe in. This act of giving will allow you to be part of the “solution.” ELLI will recognize all donators and promote them for this partnership and/or sponsorship.