ELLI Membership Program

What Is the ELLI Membership Program?

It is an educationally-based program which is primarily dedicated to the landscape lighting design profession.
It will serve its membership by:

  • Being proactive and taking a leadership role to educate and advance its members.
  • Providing Monthly Learning Opportunities.
  • Providing Consortiums and Conference settings—3 opportunities/year.
  • Providing Superior Benefits—direct access to instructors and peer groups.
  • Providing Personalized Education and Training.

ELLI is a ‘for-profit’ entity, which means that we pay our staff and instructor team. Most organizations operate within a ‘volunteer’ structure to provide content and support—this is a negative over the long-term, due to burn-out. Volunteers are just that…most just fill a position regardless of experience or specialty skills. ELLI is different, as it seeks out individuals who are highly skilled for their role. We want our members to thrive and advance quickly.

ELLI offers a mix of educational training opportunities related to design, business, and lighting applications. Much of our training is new to the profession—concepts and practices that have been developed to a much deeper level. Most landscape lighting design programs are recycling old concepts. We believe it’s well past the time to progress, so that betterment in the trade practices can occur.

The advantage to ELLI over the competition is that we are focused on “education”—we will provide continuous training opportunities whereas the others are limited or offer their programs only once or twice per year. ELLI provides four (4) types of learning/education:

  • 1) Online, live ‘Zoom’ courses and webinars
  • 2) Live, hands-on, proficiency training at Regional Training Sites (RTS)
  • 3) Video learning on YouTube & Rumble
  • 4) Online, live study groups with specialty mentors

Why Should I Be a Member?

The first question you should ask is, “Do I want to advance my knowledge and/or skills?” If your answer is ‘yes’, then are you willing to take your education and studies seriously? How serious are you to progress to a higher, more proficient level? Those serious enough will commit to this process and they are willing to invest into themselves. As you know, education and training are not free. The ELLI training should be considered like going to college—you are investing your hard-earned time and money to achieve advancement. ELLI is structured to align participants down a path that progresses and develops proficiency.

The second question you should ask yourself is, “Why not be a member?” All one must do is to simply review the benefits of other trade-related organizations and associations. Most of the so-called benefits by others aren’t that great. The benefits that ELLI provides are much more substantial where you can see a real return on investment. In fact, you will easily pay for the small membership fee in a short time just by attending a monthly offering or taking advantage of course discounts.

Your membership fee goes to providing for three things: 1) to support our operational costs, 2) to provide for the betterment of the next generation of landscape lighting designers, and 3) to continue to develop high-quality educational content.

As mentioned before, ELLI is a ‘proactive’ entity which means we will act to engage our educational offerings. The landscape lighting design community and profession needs a strong leader to establish a foundation of control (expectations, standards, and practices). In addition, it needs a strong voice to provide understanding and hope for the future.

What Benefits Do I Get?

There are many benefits to being a member of ELLI. Benefits can only be received if you are willing to participate in them. It matters not if you’re a brand-new practitioner of this trade or a highly seasoned professional—everyone “will” gain value from this program. The following list identifies the ELLI benefits:

  • Monthly Webinars—these are dedicated classes to teach the basics to specific topics related to design, business/operations, and lighting applications.
  • Dedicated Mentor Groups—ELLI has several areas of educational development, and each has a dedicated mentor/instructor. Members will have the opportunity to attend frequent online group meetings to discuss case studies, concerns, and/or practices with these mentors.
  • Exclusive Digital Content—special interviews, history, and interesting topics related to this discipline.
  • Exclusive Events & Consortiums—throughout the year, ELLI will establish these events to allow those members who wish to attend to do so. Most other programs only provide one event per year.
  • Monthly Digital Newsletter—profession & industry updates, special events & offerings, product introductions, and professional interviews.
  • Peer Networking Opportunities—through our events, live trainings, and consortiums, our members will have ample time to network and build strong relationships.
  • Exclusive Member Discounts—ELLI will offer discounts on courses, events, and specific product brands.
  • ELLI Online Store—ELLI will offer discounted items (supplies, apparel, tools, etc.).

Membership Types & Cost

  • Individual: $250.00/yr.
    Special limited-time offer “Charter Membership” for $250.00/yr. (for 10-yrs. with no price increases!) Charter Members only available until July 1, 2024.
    Individuals are designers, contractors, and design-build operations.
  • Student: $50.00/yr.
    Students are currently enrolled/attending college or high school in a full-time status.
  • USA Military Veteran: $0/yr. (no charge–thank you for your service!)
    Military Veterans are classified as ‘honorably’ discharged from service.

The following types of members will be arranged through our ELLI administrator–call or email at: (916) 532-9699 or understand.elli@gmail.com.

  • Design or Design-Build Companies: TBD (dependent on # of employees)
  • Partner Affiliate: TBD (exclusive arrangements)
    Partner Affiliates are limited to 6-total and selected by ELLI based upon alignment to ELLI vision and level of financial contribution.
  • Affiliate: $1,500.00/yr.
    Affiliates are associated companies, organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors.
    Up to 4 employees of Affiliate can participate in benefits.
  • Note: All membership types will be verified for acceptance.

Note: All membership types will be verified of status before acceptance.

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