ELLI Awards Program

The Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative (ELLI) has established an official Awards Program dedicated to the recognition of professional Landscape Lighting Designers.
The ELLI Awards program serves the landscape lighting community by recognizing and encouraging professional design work. Its format is meant to identify landscape lighting design excellence by category. Also, it allows the participant to visually study and learn by analyzing these photographs.

Note: Of the three awards offered, the Award of Commendation is the greatest of achievements. It is the most difficult of achievements to effectively reproduce in landscape lighting. Those who do receive this award show the ability to “evoke emotion”. Each type of emotion is different and requires certain lighting applications to achieve. It is for this reason why our work truly is an artform. ELLI is the only Awards Program to recognize ‘affect’ as an important artistic value.

Most lighting designers take many years to become proficient at this artistic ability. It requires extensive experience in the applications of light within natural settings, as well as a full understanding of the psychological impacts light has on humans.

Note on Avalon Lighting Design Submissions:
I wanted to let ELLI visitors know that all photos shared by Avalon Lighting Design within each category are purposefully not “awarded” any awards. My reasoning to do so is because I did not want any participating landscape lighting designer to feel like there was any favoritism with any of my works.

However, because I developed the ELLI program to measure excellence, I do feel Avalon has merit in helping others to understand the subtleties of landscape lighting design. Therefore, I will continue to share my works in these categories, as it may benefit all.

Award Winners