ELLI Awards Program

The Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative (ELLI) has established an official Awards Program dedicated to the recognition of professional Landscape Lighting Designers.
The ELLI Awards program serves the landscape lighting community by recognizing and encouraging professional design work. Its format is meant to identify landscape lighting design excellence by category. Also, it allows the participant to visually study and learn by analyzing these photographs.

Note: Of the three awards offered, the Award of Commendation is the greatest of achievements. It is the most difficult of achievements to effectively reproduce in landscape lighting. Those who do receive this award show the ability to “evoke emotion”. Each type of emotion is different and requires certain lighting applications to achieve. It is for this reason why our work truly is an artform. ELLI is the only Awards Program to recognize ‘affect’ as an important artistic value.

Most lighting designers take many years to become proficient at this artistic ability. It requires extensive experience in the applications of light within natural settings, as well as a full understanding of the psychological impacts light has on humans.

Note on photos shown by ELLI Educators & Advisors:
ELLI educators and advisors are all seasoned landscape lighting professionals whose work is fitting for the various award categories. We have included these works only for presentation within these categories, but each ELLI team member is excluded from winning any awards. Some of these photos may deserve awards, but we wanted to ensure confidence in our awards selection process to not show favoritism in any means.

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation and fair, unbiased means to “judging” work.

Award Winners

Contributing Lighting Designers & Artists

*The following list of designers & artists are listed based on when content was collected for this site and there is no order of status between designers or artists. The same applies to country of origin.



  • (#30) Ken Martin Lighting Design (division of Copper Expressions)
    Ken Martin (Landscape Lighting Designer)
    St. George, Ontario  www.copperexpressions.com
    ken@copperexpressions.com 1-519-448-9436
    Photography by: George Gruel, Oddstick Studio, 2015-2017
  • (#31) Moonstruck Lighting
    Carl Hastings (Landscape Lighting Designer)
    Concord, Ontario  www.moonstruck.ca
    carl@moonstruck.ca 1-905-761-7720
    Photography by: Jeff McNeill, McNeill Photography, 2015
  • (#32) Ambiance Lumiere
    Jean Collerette (landscape lighting designer)
    Vercheres, Quebec www.ambiancelumiere.ca
    jc@ambiancelumiere.ca 1-514-863-3338
    Photographed by: Christesne Duchesne, Christesne Photography, 2019


  • (#40) It Does Lighting
    Lorraine Calcott (Lighting Designer)
    Milton Keynes, U.K. www.itdoes.co.uk
    lcalcott@itdoes.co.uk 01908-560110
    Photography by:  Barry Crook, It Does Lighting, 2018
  • (#41)  Kirsten Reynolds (Power Project)
    Kirsten Reynolds (Artist)
    U.K.  www.kirstenreynolds.co.uk
    kirsten@kirstenreynolds.co.uk    +44 (0) 7843 274444
    Projects:  “Suspiria de Profundis” and “Ex Memoria”, 2011
    *** Each project:  Sound & light installation presented at Power Plant for 10-days on the Island Festival, 2011, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  • (#42)  Ulf Pedersen (Power Project)
    Ulf Pedersen (Artist)
    Bristol, U.K.  www.ulfpedersen.com
    ulfpedersen@me.com +44 7944977519
    Project:  “Heligan by Night”, 2018, Pentewan, U.K.
  • (#43)  Mark Andersen (Power Project)
    Mark Anderson (Artist)
    U.K. www.markanderson.eu
    Website contact page
    Project:  “Illuminati Botanica 2015”, York Botanical Gardens, U.K., 2015
    Project:  “Bonsai Moving Shadows”, Hong Kong International Festival, 2013
  • Power Plant  www.powerplant.org.uk
    ***Is a collaborative group of individual artists that put together a sound and light art experience for the public. Three of these members are listed here:  #41, #42, and #43.
  • (#44) Isometrix Lighting + Design
    Unknown (lighting designer)
    London, U.K. www.isometrix.co.uk
    ltg@isometrix.co.uk +44 207-253-2888
    Photography by: Isometrix Lighting + Design, 2018


  • (#50)  Skira Lighting
    Dean Skira (Lighting Designer)
    Pula, Croatia  www.skira.hr
    info@skira.hr    +385(0)52-535940
    Photography by:  Giuseppe Saluzzi (Garden light sticks) Recanati, Italy, 2012
    Danijel Bartolic & Roberta Francula (Festival of Lights—Egg art) Zagreb, Pula, 2018
    Hrvoje Serdar (Red art planter) Mali Losinj, Croatia, 2015


  • (#55) Light Scapes
    Iben Winther Orton (Lighting Designer)
    Fredensborg, Denmark www.lightscapes.dk
    iben@lightscapes.dk  +45 6169 9978
    Photography by: Torgeir Esig Sorensen, Ramboll, 2012


  • (#60) Zenisk
    Kristin Bredal (Lighting Designer)
    Oslo, Norway www.zenisk.no
    post@zenisk.no  +47 21 45 3937
    Photography by: Zenisk, 2018



  • (#70) Lightmark
    Censi Goepel & Jens Warnecke (Artists)
    Gross Bengerstorf, Germany www.lightmark.de
    contact@lightmark.de +49 171 3835452
    Photography by: Censi Goepel & Jens Warnecke, Lightmark



  • (#80) Source De Lumiere
    Laurent Kopp (Landscape Lighting Designer)
    Lyssach Bern, Switzerland www.sdl.sarl
    lk@sourcedelumiere.ch +41 (0) 32 512 01 05
    Photography by: Laurent Kopp, Source De Lumiere, 2018-2020

Dedication to Frank B. Nightingale (1885-1965)

Outdoor lighting design was originally developed by Frank B. Nightingale in 1934, but he called it Garden Lighting. His vision and respectful appreciation of nature led him to establish the first, professional trade practice to utilize lighting systems in the outdoors at night. He did so to highlight its beauty, to captivate one’s attention, and to encourage use of these spaces after the day light hours.

In addition to what Nightingale did, he intended for people to ‘experience’ these settings and to remember them. Frank spent many evenings out in nature, so that he could learn the magic of the night. It was this dedication that he was able to provide us early on with the artistic aspects of this craft.

There were three principles that Mr. Nightingale believed in and they were the core elements of his company, Kim Manufacturing Co. They were: Innovation, Education and Uncompromising Quality. I wish to dedicate this site to Frank and his efforts to Educate the public, as well as the profession. His spirit is intended in this site’s offering.

This website is a concentrated effort to provide attention to the importance of Emotion and why this connection is necessary in lighting design, whether outdoors or indoors.

You can learn more about Mr. Nightingale at another site I established at www.frankbnightingale.com. I hope you find it both interesting and inspiring, as his life story is amazing.