The ELLI Lighting Design Training offers professionals and practitioners landscape lighting design education that is guaranteed to greatly advance one’s understanding in these design concepts.

Our goal is to provide a strong foundation of understanding so that more advanced skills can be effectively understood. The ELLI training programs are different than any other offerings—they are better and will shave off years of learning time.

Our training is effective and efficient in that we provide controlled environments for learning in small groups. Additionally, it is done with the least impact to the participant’s schedule via a video conferencing format (Zoom meetings). ELLI does offer personal trainings for companies who wish take advantage of these efforts, as our educational team will travel to these locations and engage personnel in a live setting. However, most participants utilize our online services.

  • ELLI training is not manufacturer based or brand specific.
  • The ELLI training is both human-centric and design-centric.
  • Our training provides for the needs of all skill levels. We provide for certification, continuing education (C.E.) credits, or just for interest and knowledge.

Education & Educators

ELLI has developed several educational courses that fall into specific training content called, Series. Each Series of coursework will have an established ELLI Advisor to oversee this aspect of education. Currently, ELLI has four Series of training, as shown below:

  • Composition Series (Tim Ryan-advisor)
    Includes content related to composition, perception, and emotion, as it relates to design or lighting design.
  • Business Series (Chris Mitchell—Advisor)
    Includes content related to business operations & sales, but with a design-centric approach
  • Applications Series (Anthony Bogdanovich-advisor)
    Includes content related to lighting applications & specialized techniques
  • Design Series (John Martin-advisor)
    Includes content related to design & drawing techniques, documentation, graphics
  • Legacy Series (George Winterling-advisor)
    Includes content related to professional interviews, case-studies, and historical aspects related to landscape lighting design.

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2023 Course Offerings

Current courses available

The ELLI Advisory team consists of several prominent and experienced professionals—those who have functioned within real working conditions. Each advisor and educator is deeply passionate about this discipline—that’s why they were selected. Meet the team:

Educator Bios

There are two (2) distinct design program offerings to choose from.

The Landscape Architect Program is most suited for the landscape architect, landscape designer, architect, and any other role where management, oversight, and consulting are the primary function. To fully complete this program, each participant will be required to participate in four blocks of education of 30-total weeks, one session per week. This equates to about 50-hours of instruction.

The Lighting Designer Program is best suited for a lighting designer, landscape lighting designer, or contractor/trade professional who performs or controls the installation process. To fully complete this program, each participant will be required to participate in four blocks of education of 32-total weeks, one session per week. This equates to about 54-hours of instruction.

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Landscape Architect Program Lighting Designer Program

Registration & Sign-Up

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Why Sign-Up?

The first reason you should sign-up is to greatly advance your learning in lighting design. As mentioned before, this training program is one of the very few that is dedicated specifically to landscape lighting design and the lighting design processes. Most programs talk about design, but there is relatively little advancing information available within them. This is why ELLI is different—we provide detailed understandings.

The second reason to sign-up is to save yourselves years in learning this information. Most every landscape lighting designer has never been exposed to this type of education—it’s new and unique to the lighting industry. Your R.O.I. is in the number of years it would normally take you to gain this knowledge.

If you are a serious professional looking to gain the proper knowledge to advance your career, then this is your starting place. We offer small group training and time to digest content, so that it is remembered.