As noted in the Mission Statement, ELLI offers a variety of opportunities for “understanding, learning, and advancement” in landscape lighting design. The Design Critique is a measured means to achieve this.

ELLI is the only educational program offering landscape lighting design that provides professional critique, as a service. This is and should be considered an important part of advancing one’s ability in design.

    The Consideration of Authority

    ELLI has taken the default position to act as the authority in landscape lighting design. It will proactively do so until a more prominent entity provides effective leadership to this part of the lighting industry. ELLI is providing this service for the betterment of this profession.

    The Value of a Critique

    What is a Critique? It’s full assessment or evaluation of the designed work. This means the design must be examined critically. The value of the Design Critique critique is that you will gain insight on how your landscape lighting design measures up against those performing at the highest levels.

    Not only will you gain an understanding of how well your work is measured against some of the best in the profession, but you’ll walk away with several notes on what you might do differently in the future. Imagine how long it might take you to gain this insight on your own? Some take years or even decades to realize the deficiencies in their work. This is the greatest value you can gain—advancing yourself without the delay of added time.

    All lighting designers are judged by their work. Our work is our “brand.” The photography of our work is a big part of this branding, and therefore, we need to ensure that our work is properly displayed through this imagery. Poor photography will never win awards. You will never be recognized as professional landscape lighting design with mediocre or poor photography. If you have the desire to be considered the best in your region, by your skills, then you need to effectively ensure that your photographic displays are top-notch—don’t settle!

    The Design Critique only has “value” if it is measurable and it is provided by someone with proven experience in the art. The ELLI Design Critique is the only service in this specialty profession available to landscape lighting designers. Additionally, it’s the only one to provide “measures” for learning.

    Mark Carlson is the founder, developer of the ELLI initiative, and has the proven background to facilitate the design critique process. The following is a brief summary of his abilities:

    The following ‘Measures’ are used to evaluate works submitted by lighting designers:

    The Cost of a Critique

    The cost for the Design Critique is based upon the time spent to study the photo submitted, understand it, and to prepare a full, written breakdown of these observations.

    The cost of this service is $300.00 per photo. Please use the “Sign-Up” button to get started. click here for the payment.

    The goal of the Design Critique process is to help lighting designers better understand aspects of lighting design that they have not yet learned. It’s a short-cut in one’s natural learning curve. Landscape lighting designers can now utilize this option for their personal advancement needs.