Although the outdoor, landscape lighting profession has been around since 1934, very little attention has been associated towards the advancement of education and consumer awareness. This is an overwhelming weakness for all parties. The Consumer hasn’t fully grasped the importance of lighting and lighting design, and it is here where we suffer as a profession.

As an effort to better raise awareness and understanding, this Initiative is partly designed to better Consumer understanding. The Consumer that visits this site can take from it what he or she wishes. This site should act as a source and a Guide when it relates to outdoor, Landscape Lighting.

The Consumer will find the Guides listed below, as well as informational materials at the Educational Gallery — Consumer section. These Guides define the Who, What, and Why, as it relates to this practice and they make an excellent resource when undertaking this kind of work. Additionally, these Guides should align contractors, designers and other service providers by how they perform their work.

Are these Guides approved, official documents? In short, the answer is, “No.” However, they are an attempt to provide insight based on years of experience. The goal here is to provide a format to measure with.

This Consumer section will begin as a limited offering until time can be devoted to building it out. Ideally, it is my hope that these efforts will be considered at a higher organizational level, so that they might become Standards or something more to an official capacity.

Consumer Awareness


This website was primarily established to advance those practicing this art-form in landscape lighting. A secondary purpose was to provide awareness to the consumer market. This awareness is in the form of education.

The consumer market has always been left to and figure out what the lighting industry is doing.

ELLI is an effort to help the consumer in the following ways

  • Defining the Practices of Landscape Lighting
  • Understanding the Expectations and Criteria for service providers
  • Understanding the various Status Levels of service providers
  • Defining the Scope of Work that service providers are to perform
  • Defining the Standards & Specifications for service providers
  • Understanding the Common Lighting Design Flaws by service providers

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Please see the other documents located in the “Educational Gallery”. .